Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Evil Angel pt 4

"So, which one you like? The mermaid dress or that knee length?" Asked Mandy.

I look at both beautiful wedding dresses hanging in front of me and sigh. "I love both... I dont know.."

Mandy walk right in between both dresses...

"Why do you love this?" asked Mandy as she put her hand on the knee length dress

"It's simple... It blends with the venue... I look good in it.. hmm.. it just beautiful fun dress"


"It's sexy, it's beautiful... It something i never wore.. I look good in it..." again I sigh... I'm in huge dilemma...

I do love both dresses... but I cannot wear both...

Mandy is still standing there when suddenly her phone ring... She answer the phone and then once it is over she sit on the chair and try not to cry.

"It was Lou... He want a divorce.." Said Mandy in shaking voice


"You've told her?" asked Jessica.



"She asked for reasons,"

""There are million of reasons... Natalie? She need her REAL mother" said Jessica.

I feel sick. Jessica knows how much I love Mandy. She know she was never a mother to Natalie. Why she want to come back? Why now? Why ever?

I know I have hurt Mandy. But I love Natalie and Jessica was right. Natalie need her REAL mother. Not that Mandy was a bad mother but she eventually someday might feel lost her love for Natalie especially IF they have their own child.

"Think about Natalie" Said Jessica while finishing her dinner. "Hmm your future ex-wife's pasta is good"

We are eating the leftover food, I'm sorry... It's Mandy's cooking leftover food...

I hate myself how cold I've become.


We are at my house as i tried to console my best friend.

"Why he even want that? What's gotten into him?" I am so angry that if Mandy didn't stop me I would've go to her house and scream my anger to Lou.

Mandy just shake her head. The cheesecake on the table still remain there. She didn't take a bite. I on the other hand have eaten two slice of the cake.

"You said you try to lose weight?" Asked Mandy.

"There's no calorie in consoling friends... I watched Oprah. She told me that," I said try to joke around.

Mandy smile, "Oprah didn't said that. You just want the cake right?"

I laugh. I know she is trying her best to put her happy face for me but I know she's hurt. She don't really want to tell me anything. Is it because Lou's not ready to be a father? But don't they adopt Natalie?

**********************to be continue***************************************

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