Monday, May 7, 2018

Evil Angel pt 5

Jessica just sit next to Natalie when Mandy parked her car in front of the lawn and get out from her car passing Jessica and Natalie. Her face was puffy due to crying.

"Why Mandy didn,t say anything? She always say hi" said Natalie to Jessica.

"Well she might have grown up problems honey," replied Jessica as she placed Natalie's teddy on the bench where she and Natalie sit.

Then out of sudden Mandy scream and curse while running outside with luggage in her hand. Again passing clueless Natalie

Mandy looked at Jessica with anger before get into he car and slammed the door. She drove off the street with full speed.

"Mandy probably need ice cream. I always feel better when I had ice cream" said Natalie

Jessica stood up and pulled Natalie's hand and led her inside the house.

Inside, Lou was sitting at the dining table starring blank at the kitchen.

"You have grown up problems too, daddy?" asked Natalie as she climbed on the chair next to Lou.

Lou flash her a little smile and walked into the kitchen where Jessica was sat near the kitchen island eating a waffle. She looked at Lou with expressionless face.

"I'd take that your conversation with Mandy went great?" Asked Jessica cynically

Lou gave an annoyed stare before sat next to Jessica with a bottle of beer in his hand

"She remind me of the alimony... and she said she'll have the custody of our child alone"

Jessica chuckled "Alimony? Isn't she have more than enough? and... what you mean child? I'm not giving Natalie to stranger!"

"Since when you care about Natalie? And news flash Jess... Not everything is about you! Mandy's pregnant!"

Jessica stared at Lou. "She couldn't be right? Are you sure the child even your's?"

"I am positive Jess.. now leave me alone"


I feel chill in my spine as I walk with Mandy side to side into the rusty steel door.

Mandy's face looked weird... her neck which was covered with dry blood... Differrent from what she looked like when she laid in her coffin.

I look around... everything is grey... the air is cold and the ground feel like a thick unstable snow. A few moment later Mandy kneel on the ground. Hands on her stomach.

"What's wrong?"

She grin and stand on her feet again. "We should get going. We're losing the light"

She was right. We are now in the middle of the dark. The surrounding is still cold. Some harsh wind sometimes slapping my face sending more chill. I look around hoping to find a single dot of light. Mandy's face lost in the darkness. But i still can feel her next to me.

"Which way?"

"This way" replied Mandy as she pull my hand. I follow her. "We still have long way to go"

"How long?"

No answer. Suddenly Mandy let my hand go. In the darkness i try to sense my best friend presence. But nothing. The harsh wind, getting harsher, everything getting colder and at some point i fall on my knees and as i cant even feel my fingers due to coldness. My thin white dress offer no heat at all.

"Mandy... help me..." i cry

A harsh tug on my hair bring me back on my feet. I wince in pain as i feel my hair been pull and drag forward.

"You dont belong here!" A harsh voice said as i feel my hair being let go and push into the ground.

*************************************to be continued**************************

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Evil Angel pt 4

"So, which one you like? The mermaid dress or that knee length?" Asked Mandy.

I look at both beautiful wedding dresses hanging in front of me and sigh. "I love both... I dont know.."

Mandy walk right in between both dresses...

"Why do you love this?" asked Mandy as she put her hand on the knee length dress

"It's simple... It blends with the venue... I look good in it.. hmm.. it just beautiful fun dress"


"It's sexy, it's beautiful... It something i never wore.. I look good in it..." again I sigh... I'm in huge dilemma...

I do love both dresses... but I cannot wear both...

Mandy is still standing there when suddenly her phone ring... She answer the phone and then once it is over she sit on the chair and try not to cry.

"It was Lou... He want a divorce.." Said Mandy in shaking voice


"You've told her?" asked Jessica.



"She asked for reasons,"

""There are million of reasons... Natalie? She need her REAL mother" said Jessica.

I feel sick. Jessica knows how much I love Mandy. She know she was never a mother to Natalie. Why she want to come back? Why now? Why ever?

I know I have hurt Mandy. But I love Natalie and Jessica was right. Natalie need her REAL mother. Not that Mandy was a bad mother but she eventually someday might feel lost her love for Natalie especially IF they have their own child.

"Think about Natalie" Said Jessica while finishing her dinner. "Hmm your future ex-wife's pasta is good"

We are eating the leftover food, I'm sorry... It's Mandy's cooking leftover food...

I hate myself how cold I've become.


We are at my house as i tried to console my best friend.

"Why he even want that? What's gotten into him?" I am so angry that if Mandy didn't stop me I would've go to her house and scream my anger to Lou.

Mandy just shake her head. The cheesecake on the table still remain there. She didn't take a bite. I on the other hand have eaten two slice of the cake.

"You said you try to lose weight?" Asked Mandy.

"There's no calorie in consoling friends... I watched Oprah. She told me that," I said try to joke around.

Mandy smile, "Oprah didn't said that. You just want the cake right?"

I laugh. I know she is trying her best to put her happy face for me but I know she's hurt. She don't really want to tell me anything. Is it because Lou's not ready to be a father? But don't they adopt Natalie?

**********************to be continue***************************************

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Evil Angel pt 3

So the wedding in three weeks... Mandy is one of the busiest person on the planet

Lou felt left out... He got home from work with empty stomach and get to bed ONLY to dream his stomach is full with his wife's famous meatball pasta... His wife wasn't even home yet... She's with Mindy, her so-called soul sister.. whatever...

Mindy and Mandy is now at the bar... Mandy have special secrets to tell her best friend.. She is pregnant with Lou's baby and she decided to give Lou's the surprise on their romantic dinner tomorrow... Mindy is so excited that she almost fall off her chair... She couldn't be happier...


I am sitting on the couch after the funeral looking at the casserole sent by my friends at work... My body is numb... I keep looking at the photo near the TV which taken by Mandy...

 It's our first kiss under the mistletoe at my grandmother's birthday party... It's the day Lou proposed Mandy and the day my parents announced that they will get divorce and a week later my sister, Natasha gave birth to a healthy little girl, Coleen...

I still can't believe Mindy will kill herself... Two weeks before the wedding where we already made reservations at the diner where we first met... I remembered how nervous I was looking at her.. She was with her friends... That big green eyes... Those little pink lips... She just smiled and that time even I am pretty sure it wasn't for me, it felt like all the world's sorrow have been lifted and replaced with sunshine and rainbow... I wipe my tears on my cheek...


I look around... I could've sworn I heard Mindy's calling me...


This time I feel something icy cold on my left cheek... But it feels calm... It feels like Mindy.. Only Mindy can kiss me and make me feel calm

"Mindy... I miss you" I cry... I wish Mindy is here with me... I don't care if she's back as the scariest looking ghost... I just want her

Last thing I remembered i fell asleep on the couch with Mindy's memories playing in my head


I look at Mandy's husband with Natalie in disgust... Shouldn't he felt remorse or something? He just left with her and disappear leaving everybody questioning why he so cold?

I cry and cry on Chris' chest hoping the pain go away... He hug me tight... Mandy only have me... Now nobody have her.. She just drop dead and leave us (especially ME) behind...

They lower the coffin into the ground... I am still crying in Chris' arms... then there's strong wind...

I open my eyes seeing Chris wiping his tear and my parents hugging each other... Mandy is wrapping her arm around mine

"Time to say goodbye Mindy..:"

"But.. I'm not dead... You're dead... I got wedding to plan"

"It's over" Mandy smile and pull me and we leave the cemetery to a small rusty steel door "We have a new home now.."

**********************to be continue***************************************

Friday, September 14, 2012

evil angel pt 2

Mandy was a fine young girl. She was married to Lou and they were about to have a newborn child when Lou left her alone to be with a girl who Mandy thought would be her darling little daughter.

I sat next to her when she cried her heart out. I am the one who introduce Lou to her and as far as I know I feel as guilty as hell.

I told her that it is just a phase. But as much as I’m trying hard to convince Mandy about that, I don’t even believe it is a phase. It is more than a phase. It is a disaster.

Mandy took her own life after she left my house half an hour later. Until now I still blame myself. I shouldn’t let her left alone. Actually I didn’t expect her to run away when I was talking to the phone with Chris.

I may be talking to him quite some times because all I knew Mandy were bled out in my bath tub with knife on the floor and her throat slit. She’s choking her own blood!

I took my time crying on the floor near her dead body before I heard my phone rang. I ran to my bedroom and answered the call.

“Mindy, have you seen Mandy?” asked Lou on the line.

“What?” and then I realize my best friend is dead! I’m in shocked and all I could do is cried with her blood still on my hands.

I texted Chris as soon as I came to my sense but it’s all too late. Whatever I done, I will never raise my best friend back from dead.

Chris came as soon as he got my message.


I was at home with Natalie when I received a phone call from Chris that I need to go to the morgue to identify Mandy’s body.
Mandy’s dead?

I wasn’t so sure what to respond when Chris told me that but to be completely honest, I am in relief. It feels like I have nothing much to concern about other than Natalie.

I sat Natalie on my lap. Natalie just ignores me. She’s too busy with her teddy.
“We’re going somewhere,” I said. Natalie looks at me with her sparkling eyes.

“Ice cream?” asked her. Her eyes grow wider as she wraps her arms around my neck and kisses my cheek. She then jump off of me screaming with joy and ran to the front door.

Oh sure. I promised her ice cream if she helps me with laundry today.

I stand and took my keys on the TV cabinet. Natalie is already waiting near the car.

We drive to the nearest Seven Eleven then we’re heading to the morgue at X’s Hospital.


I got text from Mindy saying “Thanks for everything”

I think she feels guilty over Mandy’s death.

They were like a twin sister. They have same green eyes, slender finger and they wore same size of clothes. I sometimes thought that they were separated during birth.

Heck their names also rhyme the same!

I just am resting my back on the couch outside the morgue when her parents arrive.

 “How this happened?” asked her mom. Her eyes are red and she’s holding damp tissue in her hand.

“I don’t know” is the only answer I can offer.

I mean who would’ve known? She even listed her to-do-list for today and placed them on the refrigerator at my house.

“You sure it’s Mindy?” asked her dad. He sits next to me. I just nod my head. “Why she do that?”

I don’t know. And I really wanna know. Two weeks before our wedding day? Why she do that?

*************************************to be continued**************************

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Evil Angel (pt 1)

Mandy sat next to me one day and start talking about how life become hard since Lou left them for a girl who they treat more than a family.

Mandy knew her relationship will be over once they took her in.

She is young. In fact she calls her mommy.

Who would have thought a girl that seems so harmless could be a home-wreaker?

Mandy cried her heart out. She even said she wills suicide. She wants to kill herself and the baby she carrying.

Yes. Mandy was pregnant. How could Lou never notice that? How can ignorance be a part of their happily marriage relationship? I’m sorry. It should be WAS happily married relationship.

Now, Mandy lying helplessly in front of me. I swear I still can see tears running down her check. She doesn’t look too in peace in that coffin.

And again it is YES. My best friend Mandy now is a heartbroken corpse. She is dead.

Then there is Lou, coming to pay Mandy his last respect. He with her! How could he!

I can see the girl feels nothing. Her expression shows no sympathy. She just stares at Mandy’s cold body.  Empty. How come she is so cold?

And there’s Lou. Holding her hand as they walk to Mandy’s, I can see he is not very sorry. In fact his eyes show that he is in relief. Like the weight of the world has been lift from his shoulder.

“You don’t belong here” I said.

“She’s MY wife. And inside her is MY baby” said Lou without looking at me.

“She is not your wife. Not anymore since the day you left her,” I said as I look at the girl. She just stares at my best friend’s dead body like she means nothing to her.

Lou wipes his forehead with a small blue handkerchief and just walks away. I know by the look in his face that he believes he got nothing to regret. He takes the girl’s little hand and they just immerge into the sorrow crowd. I wonder how the crowd think but I do know that Mandy’s parents are not please to see their former son-in-law’s face during their late daughter’s funeral.

“Mindy…..” then I hear a whisper calls out my name. I don’t know if it is a hallucination or it is real. All I know is that the ground under my feed goes soft. And now it all turns black. Too black and that is the only thing I see.


I can see myself lying in the coffin.

Wait…. Those suppose to be Mandy’s. How on Earth I see me in there?

Next to me is Mandy. She is wearing all white. Her eyes even icy cold white. And I could swear that she is staring at me right now.

“Well Mindy… I am alone. You promise you will be there for me forever. How could you let them buried me all by myself?” said Mandy in such cold voice as she touch my hand. I shiver.

“Mandy… You are the one who suppose to be in there!” I cry as I feel this chill up until my spine when she touches my ‘dead’ body.

“Yes. But I don’t want to be alone. You will be there for me just like you promised,”

I don’t even know what to do. I just can pray that it is all just a dream. I walk (or it is float?) to my ‘dead’ body and touches it. No way! I feel cold. Am I really dead?

“You are” said Mandy as she grin at me. She looks evil. Not like Mandy that I used to know.

*************- to be continued - **********************************************